Accelerating developer relations.

We are developer relations accelerators. Katsudon.tech ensures you hit the ground running by building bespoke developer relations strategies, and providing the effort to put those strategies in motion. With our help, you will move faster, while avoiding costly mistakes from the start. And your first permanent hires will appreciate having the path blazed for them.

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What We Do

Trust is at the heart of everything we do. You want developers to love your product, because product stickiness depends upon it. If developers don't trust your brand, nothing else matters. We help you understand what it takes to build lasting, sustainable relationships with your developers.

Beyond Developer Marketing

A successful developer program requires more than marketing. We go beyond marketing to help you understand how developer relations builds better products. From social media to developer experience, content to community, we understand that developer relations is far more than just spreading the word—developer relations build better products that developers love.

Our Clients

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We work with startups and other businesses just getting started with their developer relations programs, who want to get them moving as quickly and effectively as possible. We work with early stage startups who want one-off audits, to larger customers who need to bring in an entire seasoned developer relations team quickly to build out their developer programs. Send us a message, and let's start a conversation around your needs.